Bran Muffins CoHome-made and Baked Fresh Every Morning Blueberry Muffins CoHome-made and Baked Fresh Every Morning Bars Assorted Varieties

CoHome-made Rice Krispy Treats Brownie without nuts Brownie with nuts

Cookies Assorted Varieties

CoHome-made Cake Slice Assorted Varieties

CoHome-made Cake Wedge Assorted Varieties

CoHome-made Cobbler Made daily with assorted fruit Scones Assorted Varieties

CoHome-made and Baked Fresh Every Morning Specialty Bread

Baked Fresh Daily Banana, Pumpkin, or Zucchini

CoHome-made daily Cinnamon Rolls Baked Fresh Every Morning Croissants

Plain Baked Fresh Every Morning Croissants, Filled Baked and Delivered Daily by Pure Grain Bakery

Vacaville Vegan Cookies Baked by Alternative Bakery

Sacramento Served in a cup, in a cake cone, or in a sugar cone 1 scoop 2 scoops Cone or Cup, Toppings Assorted flavors Small (12 oz) Large (16 oz)


Espresso Americano, Cappuccino Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, White Mocha, Chai Latte,  Gourmet Hot Chocolate


Organic Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Iced Tea, Organic Hot Tea, Own Mug Tea, Own Mug Coffee, Italian Soda