Facility Rentals

The Coffee House is available for hosting conferences, guest speakers, concerts, receptions*, and other events that you may have in mind. Simply contact the Campus Events and Visitor Services Office (CEVS) at 530-752-2813 to book our facility. *Any event requiring food must be catered by the Coffee House.

Live Performances at the Coffee House

Want to perform at the Coffee House? All inquiries regarding live performances should be directed toward the ASUCD Entertainment Council. The Coffee House staff does not book acts or sell tickets for events. The ASUCD Entertainment Council can be contacted via its website or by e-mail at entertainmentcouncil@asucd.ucdavis.edu.

Table Tent Reservations

The Coffee House provides tabletop marketing opportunities to campus organizations free of charge. Our policy is as follows:

  • Coffee House table tent receptacles hold quarter sheets of paper, or marketing materials approximately 4"x5".
  • The table tent holders are two-sided but the Coffee House reserves only one side and maintains the use of the other. No Coffee House-related advertising should ever be taken out of the table tent receptacle.
  • A reservation is for one day and only one reservation is allowed per calendar week unless a reservation extension is granted (Please contact a Coffee House manager after 3:00 pm on the day of your reservation to inquire about the availability for the next day. If there is no reservation for the following day, you may leave your materials or replace them with something new for the next day).
  • Reservations are made by contacting a Coffee House manager at 530-754-COHO or coffeehouse@ucdavis.edu. Please provide a contact name, phone number, and department.
  • There are approximately 100 table tent receptacles distributed throughout the Coffee House dining rooms. Reservation holders are responsible for the placement of their own content. The dining room opens at 7:00 am.
  • The client is responsible for the collection of any materials they would like to keep at the end of their reserved day of use. All marketing materials left overnight will be removed and disposed of the next day by Coffee House staff.
  • Any offensive or inappropriate materials will be removed immediately by Coffee House staff and the reservation holder and their department will lose any future table tent privileges.
  • On the day of your reservation, go to the Swirlz area and ask for the supervisor. Tell them you are here to use the table tents. You can come in as early as 7:00 am. If you would like to keep your flyers, someone will need to come in before Swirlz closes to collect the flyers (please see our "hours" page).  Otherwise, they get recycled. We also ask that you leave any Coffee House-related flyers in the table tents. Any other flyers can be taken out and recycled.

The table tent reservations calendar fills up fast. Please have alternate dates in mind when contacting the Coffee House in case your desired date has been taken.