The CoHo South Café, located in the newly constructed Student Community Center, was opened in January of 2012. Located across campus from the Coffee House, the CoHo South Café offers coffee, espresso, and some baked goods that mirror those sold at the CoHo, but also offers a line of unique hot sandwiches and wraps, as well as the signature item, the Chili Stack (two layers of cornbread smothered by vegetarian chili, topped with cheese and onions) The Chili Stack can be built to order, creating a Triple Stack or even the daunting Quad Stack (weighing in at just shy of two pounds.) Successfully complete the Quad Stack Challenge (devour a whole Quad Stack in under 5 minutes) and you can have your picture taken and posted on the wall of the café. It has only been done a handful of times since the café's opening. The CoHo South Café utilizes the Coffee House's unique student-driven model, with 16 employees and student managers overseen by only one career manager. It serves approximately 800 customers on an average day and has a $350,000/year operating budget.

Please visit for more information, including hours of operation