Associated Students Dining Services began when the ASUCD Coffee House was established in 1968 by the Associated Students of the University of California at Davis. Originally located in East Hall adjacent to the campus Quad, it was founded with the concept of creating a small eatery that would provide high-quality food and offer an environment where students could relax between classes, very much unlike the dining options offered at the time by the corporate food service provider. In 1973 the Coffee House changed location to the East Side of the Memorial Union, where it was run entirely by students with only a $75,000 budget. As part of a general MU expansion plan, it moved again in the spring of 1991, this time to the West Side of the MU, where, except for a year-long renovation during the 2009-10 school year, it has happily prospered ever since. A perennial winner of Best Place to Work in Davis, the Coffee House is currently a $4,000,000 break-even operation staffed by 5 full-time and career employees, a handful of student managers, and over 225 student employees. The CoHo is proud to be the largest employer of students on campus! Approximately 40 student supervisors are responsible for daily oversight and weekend management of the Coffee House, while the full-time staff oversees all aspects of the operation from annual budgeting to customer service. In 1994 ASUCD launched a new convenience store concept in the east wing of the Memorial Union called The Aggie Student Store. In 2005 the Coffee House management team took over the supervision of the store, and in 2009 revamped and re-named the store the CoHo-To-Go. The CoHo-To-Go specializes in alternative snacking options (like seaweed squares, sweet potato chips, and dry-roasted edamame)while still offering some of the traditional convenience store fare (Icee, pretzels, and freshly-popped popcorn.) The CoHo-To-Go also sells CoHome-made grab n go items (i.e. salads, wraps, hummus, tuna salad) under the CoHo-To-Go brand label. Then in January 2012, the Coffee House management team was asked to design and open a small satellite operation in the newly built Student Community Center and the CoHo South Café was born!  The Café offers coffee, espresso, and some baked goods that mirror those sold at the CoHo, but also offers a line of unique hot sandwiches and wraps, as well as the signature item, the Chili Stack. Associated Students Dining Services now encompasses these three operations (The Coffee House, the CoHo-To-Go, and the CoHo South Café) and is proud to serve delicious, inexpensive, and socially conscious food to over 8,000 customers a day.