The Coffee House is proud to be a sustainable operation on the UC Davis campus. What is Coffee House sustainability? Well, there are three main components: The first component is in our purchasing practices. The Coffee House uses its purchasing power to support the companies, practices and ideals that we feel help our local and global community. For instance, the Coffee House's coffee selection is organic, fair trade, and shade-grown, giving maximum benefit to the farmer and the land on which the coffee is grown. We have also developed a relationship with local farmers, through our produce provider (Trinity Fresh) and the UC Davis Student Farms, to make organic and locally-grown fruits and vegetables available to our customers whenever possible. The second component of the Coffee House sustainability program is education. In addition to making sustainability-conscious purchasing decisions, the Coffee House believes in the importance of educating its customers on the benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle. Local and organic food items are labeled accordingly, creating an awareness of the path that their food has taken and how the customer's food selections can impact the global community. As an employer of over 200 college students, the Coffee House also strives to bestow upon its employees a sense of pride in the social impact made by their employer. The third component is waste reduction. Each quarter we conduct Waste Audits to evaluate the efficiency of our landfill diversion efforts for both consumer and behind-the-counter waste. In Fall 2015, volunteers from around campus helped us sort customer waste and found that 70.3% of both recyclable and compostable materials are currently being diverted from landfills! However, we also found that after resorting, another 20% of waste could still be either composted or recycled. As a result, our new goal is to increase diversion rates through customer education and sustainable outreach initiatives. Our sustainability team welcomes volunteers to join us this winter quarter as we strive to fulfill our commitment to the campus-wide goal of becoming Zero-Waste by 2020! For more information on participating in waste audits or other information please contact Sustainability Intern, Julia Clarke at or our management staff at In addition the following local businesses make deliveries to the Coffee House: The UCD Student Farm Russell Ranch

*Delivered daily to the Coffee House. For more information on the Coffee House's sustainability practices, please contact the Coffee House management staff at